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Emergency Vet in Greensboro, NC

When your pet is facing a life-or-death health crisis, you need to know that your emergency vet in Greensboro, NC, stands ready to provide the services they need to survive and recover. Here at our clinic, you can count on our calm, experienced team to diagnose injured or sick pets quickly and accurately before administering lifesaving care. Emergency services at our pet clinic include:

  • Poison & Venom Treatment— Depending on the type of poison ingested, we can decide whether or not to induce vomiting (which can cause damage if the substance is corrosive) and/or administer antidotes and deactivating agents. Snake bites and other envenoming attacks can be treated with anti-venin
  • Breathing Problems—Our emergency veterinarians can remove or dislodge a foreign object stuck in your pet's airway. Medications to stop a severe allergy or asthma attack can also restore normal breathing.
  • Heat Stroke—If your pet is staggering, vomiting, fainting, or showing other signs of heat stroke, we can get their internal temperature down quickly to help prevent a fatal outcome. Our vets help also save the lives of pets suffering from hypothermia.
  • Trauma Care— Collision with cars, fights, falls, and other incidents can cause serious internal and external injuries. We can perform emergency surgery, close lacerations, ultrasound vital organs for potential damage, treat serious degloving injuries, and take digital X-rays to check for broken bones and other abnormalities. Our facility also provides blood transfusions and other important necessities.
  • Emergency Internal Medicine—We can diagnose and treat dangerous urinary blockages, difficult labor, GDV ("bloat"), and other internal emergencies.

Veterinarian Examining Cat in Greensboro, NC

Urgent Care for Injured & Sick Pets

There are also times when your pet is in need of timely veterinary assistance even if their life isn't in danger. This is especially true when your beloved friend is obviously experiencing discomfort. Bring your pet in for emergency care if you notice:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lameness
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Heat Stroke

For instance, if your pet is limping, he may have sustained a strain or sprain; refusal to chew food may indicate a painful toothache or gum infection. Sick pets may not be in imminent danger but could definitely benefit from compassionate, expert treatment to bring their symptoms under control as quickly as possible.

An advanced case of dermatitis (skin rash) may not be dangerous in its own right, but the constant scratching it provokes may create open wounds in the skin (allowing for a secondary bacterial infection) if something isn't done quickly to soothe those symptoms. A miserable pet needs urgent care, and our emergency pet clinic is happy to provide it.

Qualified Vets in a Nationally Accredited Facility

Feel confident your pet receives capable and compassionate care during an emergency. The veterinarians at our clinic have the necessary schooling, as well as years of experience. Similarly, our staff has been selected because of their knowledge, professionalism, and love of animals.

Bringing your cat or dog to us in a crisis is a wise thing to do for our clinic is the only facility in the Triad to have earned American Animal Hospital accreditation. This means our clinic has met the exacting standards for top-quality pet care. This is our specialty. We devote our time, resources, and energy to working with animals who need effective emergency care.

Count on our facility to provide your pet with the latest in emergency animal medicine. This covers everything from the state-of-the-art medical equipment to the newest treatment and techniques. These days, most of what you can do for humans, you can do for the family pet. This means your pet has a better chance than ever of recovering and thriving than ever before.

Cutting-Edge Emergency Treatment

Just like you, we consider our pets cherished members of our family and are willing to do what it takes to help them recover from crisis and trauma. The very fact that you are bringing your furry family member to us tells us how serious you are about seeing Fido or Fluffy receive the necessary treatment to save life and limb. Rely on our experienced professionals, our modern facility and equipment, and comprehensive services for the assistance your pet needs to return to health.

Our facility is open when your companion animal needs emergency care. Come to us during the overnight hours through the work week and for 24/7 care on the weekend. We understand you can take your pet to a variety of clinics during regular business hours, but when the need for crisis care arises, count on our facility to be open for service.

To reduce your stress levels during an emergency, our emergency clinic offers CareCredit. Through this health care credit card that also applies to animals, we help you provide your beloved pet treatment for an emergency.

What if you're not certain whether you've you got an emergency on your hands? Your emergency vet in Greensboro, North Carolina, will be more than happy to advise you as to whether your pet needs emergency pet care or urgent care. Calling ahead also gives us a chance to prepare our emergency pet clinic for your particular situation. Call (336) 893-0533 today for emergency pet care..